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Grandma Tish's Cookies
Has one goal ... to build an extraordinary
All proceeds go toward this goal

In December of 2009 Tish was featured on the local CBS Channel 11 News. It was her retirement year after 40 years of
baking cookies for her family and friends. Each year she baked nearly two thousand cookies and delivered them.

On September 1, 2011 Texas legislation changed and home bakers are now permitted to sell their goods.
This opportunity has brought Tish out of retirement. She plans to open a cookie store in the future.
The store will be a stepping stone toward building the performing arts theatre that she has designed.

Tish's home made cookies can be a delicious treat for holidays and special events.
They are soft cookies in a variety flavors such as butterscotch, chocolate/dark chocolate, mint,
walnut, coconut, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter kiss, strawberry, red velvet with marshmallow icing,
lemon creme, iced sugar cookie, and powdered sugar nutballs.

Free cookies of the month

Homemade Soft Cookies

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See Customer Reviews:

" We love Tish's cookies and frequently order them. You should definitely try them out, too. "

Nita A

" This is by far the best red velvet I have ever tasted. "


" Ms.Tish's cookies are AWESOME!!!!!! "

Zayan Ali

" Every cookie that is not Grandma Tish's is a disappointment. "


" OH my gosh Tish makes the BEST cookies, I'm proud to say that each cookie put a wonderful smile on my face and they are always fresh. thank you Tish "

Joey Erback

" I loveee her cookies smiley face   I have tried the Root Beer Float and the chocolate chip!!   AMAAAZINNNG!  Everyone should try some smiley face "

Dinu Dixon

" Tish makes the best cookies ever!  They are such wonderful gifts and come in lovely packaging with ribbon. I love giving them to teachers, friends and of course a few extras for the kids! "


" I love your Macaroons.They are to die for!!! "

Karimah Karim

" They are the best cookie in the world:) Everybody should have some. "


" All I can say about Tish's cookies is that they are AWESOME!!!!!!   I've had the privilege of receiving her cookies for several years now as special Christmas treats and my kids go crazy for them.  If your looking for that "special" gift or just a delicious treat then these are the cookies for you. "

Lorrie Lane

" A piece of heaven on earth! Absolutely, positively, melt in your mouth good! "


" We have received Tish's cookies for over 10 years now and are never disappointed. Tish always came with a smile on her face wearing her lighted christmas tree dress. My family loves Tish's cookies! Order Some Today! smiley face Love you. "

Cindy Flusche

" I have eaten almost every flavor cookie Grandma Tish makes and I am here to tell you that they are all DELICIOUS !!!!!   I'm not sure which one is my favorite.   I gave some of them as gifts and one person told me they are better than Mrs. Fields.   I must mention that this person has excellent taste, so this is a real compliment.  Try them............ I know you will be impressed and return for more. "

Gretchen Burns


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