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Exercise video covers

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Tish says, "I may be sixty but I feel like I am twenty-seven. I love my job, I love my boss, and I am happy in my own skin."

10 Minutes To Feeling Good.
Tish is an accomplished pianist, composer, and private instructor. Since she was a teenager exercise has always been a part of her routine. She believes that the key to good health is DO WHAT YOU LOVE and combine it with moderate exercise.
A video for people who just want to keep the kinks worked out - includes the much overlooked neck and facial muscles.
With this DVD in just ten minutes you can get an easy workout for strength and toning that's also soothing . . . Set to soft piano music composed and recorded by Tish.

Size or age doesn't matter.   We can all do something.  Keep moving!

Video Price $5.95  


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