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    Piano Lessons

   Please read AGE INDEX FOR PIANO LESSONS and then decide if your child is ready.

   Age Index For Starting Piano Lessons

   Tish No Longer Accepts Vocal Students Under The Age of 10 / NO EXCEPTIONS
    Vocal Student Stipulations


PRACTICE PAGE                                         Student Schedule:   3 WEEKS PER MONTH SCHEDULE ALLOWS FOR HOLIDAYS, STUDENT ACTIVITIES, AND


TEMPO Guide (pdf file)        

  • PIANO (all genres)

  • VOCAL (contemporary and musical theater)

  • Effective August 25, 2019

  • 30 Minutes per week / 3 Weeks per month / $66.00 per month

  • 45 Minutes per week / 3 Weeks per month / $99.00 per month
    (All lessons are one on one.)

    Three weeks per month has been working well for over twenty years. Rarely does one of Tish's students receive less than the highest rating when performing for a judge. It is not the number of lessons taken. The bottom line is...does the student practice consistently and does the student practice correctly?

  • One Recital per year (Fall Pageant In November)

  • One Competition per Year

  • Three Community Service Performances per year

    (All extra activities are voluntary)

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